Writer’s Block Overload | Photo Post

I’ve been a lazy blogger, I think. But I’ve been busy studying the ropes in this sphere called blogging. There is so much to learn that it’s exhausting at the best of times. I thought I could just come into the blogging world, write some pieces and fame would fall upon me.

Well the fame part didn’t happen … yet (crossing fingers, toes and eyes.) I have written over one hundred posts in the space of twelve months, but I feel it’s not enough when I look at other more prominent bloggers.

I’m writing some pieces, putting final touches on other articles and reading all I can about owning your own blog. There is a ton of information to take in for those in the beginning stages of blogging. Every day is a learning experience.

Did you know that My Sardinian Life will be one year old this week! That’s right folks, I’ve been blogging, writing and commenting my way though thousands of blogs in the last year. And I’ve had a blast doing so.

To tide you folks over for a few days while I try to finish some articles (I’ve never been good with deadlines, and knowing that I’m writing a guest post, makes me nervous as heck, I want it to be perfect) here are a few photos from this past weekend.

Cala Calboni

Cala Calboni

Cala Calboni

Cala Calboni

Historic Aragonese Tower of Isola Rossa

No one is holding me down to write, nor am I being held captive by my keyboard. Writing is something I want to do, something I crave to do, something I love to do.

At times I find myself in a deep black hole trying to climb the writer’s block out. I can’t come up with killer headlines or any headline at all, or the first paragraph should be the last and maybe this photo isn’t the best choice and it’s possible that I’ve gotten myself so far in that there is no other way out but to write. Write anything.

How do you kill writers block?

18 thoughts on “Writer’s Block Overload | Photo Post

  1. Ciao Margaret,

    You are right that there are ideas all around us to write about. I’m really not too worried about writer’s block, I think I was just stressed out with the whole writing process when I wrote this post.

  2. Jennifer, one of my best friends lately told me that writing is draining, so don’t worry too much. Your batteries will recharge, and you’ll get over your block.
    Just look around at life, and take it all in. Great ideas can start small.
    Meanwhile, your photos are charming!

  3. Booze ! Seriously, though. I like Jo’s comment above about writing to a discipline. When I get stuck I do one of 2, no 3, thing;
    1. Go to a bar with my notebook and write short phrases about what I see,smell,hear etc.
    (this is where the booze comes in).
    2. I listen to my “Desert Island” discs – the great songs that inspire me – whilst pulling random words from things around me, newspapers, junk mail, bills etc.
    3. Wait it out – something always kicks the creative gene back into gear if it’s there to be kicked.
    Good work here, I enjoy reading about your Sardinian life.

  4. I enjoyed these photos! Sometimes I get “creativity block” and I’ve learned to put my laptop aside, take a break and come back to it later. I usually get better ideas if I give it a rest.

  5. Thank you @TBM. And thank you all for your kind words and support.

    My balance ball arrived in the mail yesterday, and am using that as my anti-writer’s block therapy. Seems to be working well, almost done my first guest post!

  6. Love the photos. And congrats on your upcoming anniversary. As for writer’s block I try to mix things up a little. I’ll focus on taking photos or something else I enjoy to take my mind off of the block. Good luck!

  7. Congradulations on one year, Jenny!!
    To get rid of writers block, you simply have to be passionate about your subject. The words will come out. If you are tired of the same subject, you need to see it from a new perspective. Talking to others about your subject will make you think about things in a different way.
    And thanks for the pictures. They look great, and makes me want to check-in to see more.

  8. When i get stuck with writing I write, or try to write, something different – but with rules. Like poetry – stuff I haven’t tried before. The discipline, and getting wrapped up in the process gets me away from the piece and the issue where I suffer writers’ block – usually when I come back to it I feel better and the structure of what I have been doing sets me free – sounds weird I know – but I am an aussie/kiwi pirate/poet/struggling novelist/photographer – so what do you expect…hehehe…

  9. Hi Jennifer, I am a newbie at blogging but moving ahead just the same.
    I must say I took a look at those pictures you posted and got inspired. Think about what was going on earound you when you took them? It looks so seren and peaceful.

    I was heading out this morning with a plan to get to the beach take some pictures, opened the front door to find the public works truck outside the door getting ready to dig the road–ooops…change of plans. You know it will be blogged about somehow. LOL!

  10. Just keep writing would be my advice. Your blog is intersting and fun and your photos lovely. My blog has been going for just about 2 years. I have fun doing it. I can’t imagine that anything will come of it, but who knows? There are so many blogs out there, I think fame and fortune is a big ask.

    • Sometimes I get stuck thinking too much about the story, I need to just write it. I’m not in this for fame and fortune, but if I can make a few bucks while learning a new platform, why not!

  11. Don’t feel bad if you haven’t acheived your blogging goals, Jennifer!
    I’ve been doing the blog thing for a year as well, and now I’m trying to assemble my posts into a single book. Let me tell you: it’s killing me! I know NOTHING about Photoshop or awhat a PDF is or anything else I need to know, but i just keep moving forwarfd and sooner or later, I’ll be done.
    Will it all be worth it? Who knows?
    We’ll both decide that in our own time.

    • Thank you for your encouraging comment! I’m struggling this week, and I have to say it’s due to the fact that Hub is not working, thus making it difficult to concentrate and write. It’s all so foreign this blog talk, html, css, rss, social media, plus this and techno that. Mamma mia. Maybe I’ve just been in overload. We are also due for a vacation. Time will tell.

  12. Writer’s block, you sit at your keyboard and type and, and, and, and, until you just have to come up with an idea. Your brain will reject monotony and decide for you. Never write for perfection until you are done, then carve. Read something before starting to get inspiration. Read something you’ve written that you like. And remember, a writer’s job is to make the everyday ordinary things, interesting or special. So, subjects are never lacking. Oh, there are multiple ways. Some day, you won’t experience writer’s block. Been there, done that. LOL

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