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Sometimes in life, you need a dart, a dart board and some courage. The board is there to make the final decision. Your only requirement is to throw the dart.

There are a myriad of options why one never throws the dart. There are limits to our logic. Most of the time we spend holding the dart, afraid to throw it, afraid of what the board will tell us.

I’ve held my dart for far too long. It’s time to let go, time to focus on the dream. Time to travel. The time is now. One way or another a life changing event will unfold. Again.

Throw the dart.

I can’t.

Just do it. It’s not the first time nor will it be the last.

But … but … packing up and moving again. Do I have it in me to culturally, emotionally and spiritually open myself up to a new country … again?

Yes, you can.

The dart flies out of my hand, through the air, swoosh. Eyes closed and heart pounding.

I … can’t … believe … I’m … doing … this … again! I’m nuts! Totally nuts!

The dart lands with a thud, stuck to the plastic map and wall. I can’t move, I won’t move. My new reality is about to unfold, another new beginning is about to start. Oh dear, I’m moving where … ?

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Easing out of my lounge chair I make my way to the dancing dart. Feathers fall to the floor as I remove the dart from the Caribbean Ocean.


It didn’t take long to suss out the paper work in finding a job in Grand Cayman. I faxed a ton of resumes off and waited…

One foul morning I was just waking up, dusting off a hangover when the phone rang.


Is this Jennifer Avventura?

Huh, yeah. Who’s this?

This is Cayman Islands calling. My name is Cam and I’m the owner of a super fabulous five-star restaurant on Seven Mile Beach. And we want YOU!

The Wharf Restaurant Grand Cayman

Oh. Eh hem. (Foggy, pounding head. Why must all important life decisions be made after a night of downing vodkas and disco dancing at Club Dragonfly?)

Yes, hello Cam. Thank you for the call. I am eager to explore Cayman Islands.

So, do you want the job or not?

Oh, just like that?

Yes, just like that. I don’t have time to waste. I need an answer … now!

I’ll take the job, when do I start?

I will send you an email the moment we are off the phone with all the details. You have six weeks to get your act, I mean papers together and get on this island! The high season has begun, our top server broke her leg in an unfortunate scuba diving accident and I need people!


Hello, Cam?

Grand Cayman

Aim and angle just perfect, my new life found me swimming on seven mile beaches, working in the most demanding physical serving job I have ever had and finding that hidden key to a seductive secret in the middle of the Mediterranean.

How have you made life altering decisions? Are you a dart thrower? Most importantly – did you chase the dart?

Believe in Dreams. They do come true.

12 thoughts on “Chase The Dart | Believe in Dreams

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  2. I haven’t thrown the dart, but this morning we were searching for places to visit in Europe over the holidays and couldn’t come to a decision. Maybe I’ll take your advice and throw the dart.

  3. I think Cupid actually threw the dart into me, rather than a dartboard. But I followed the dream!

    Sklight difference – 😆 – I wasn’t the one who moved anywhere, but I may as well have given the circumstances! 🙂

    Damn, I want to throw a dart now!

  4. Great post! I wish I had been more adventurous and taken more chances when I was younger. I have always loved to travel, spent some time living abroad but once I graduated college I started following the career path in business that seemed unflexible. Just finally now after all these years I feel like I am doing what I want and see myself chasing that dart leading me into the future of my dreams. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love this! I so believe in following dreams and have followed many but I know it’s so easy to be held back by fears. Love the idea of throwing and chasing the dart!

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