Answer: Spot the Sardinian Asparagus

Last week I posted a photo and asked my readers to “Spot the Asparagus.” A few of you played along, a few of you were very cold and a few of you were warm.

Hunting for wild Sardinian asparagus is not easy, it’s like trying to find a needle in a gigantic haystack, your eyes will cross and squint and maybe, just maybe you’ll give up and go home to open a bottle of Cannonau.

Spot the Asparagus

My Sardinian Life Jennifer Avventura 2014

See the thin red circle on the right? That’s the asparagus shoot I picked and ate.

After almost six years of asparagus hunting I can finally say that I’m professional and come home with at least 100 shoots each time. Oh yes, I can spot that thin shoot of deliciousness from afar.

Do you have the patience to hunt for this wild vegetable?

Can you spot the asparagus in this photo?

One of my favourite pastimes is hunting for wild Sardinian asparagus in the early months of the year, after the rain, and when the sun is shining. It’s like Where’s Waldo but with thin, camouflaged asparagus. It’s not easy and after sometime my eyes cross and my patience wears thin but I’m a fighter and am determined to return home with a bushel of tasty asparagus. A few days ago the sun was out and I took the opportunity to hunt for these thin shoots in the wilds of Sardinia’s bush-land.

Can you spot the asparagus in this photo?

Asparagus by Jennifer Avventura My Sardinian Life 2014

I can assure you that there is an asparagus in this photo, and I picked it and later ate it.

And just to keep things honest and real … I found a whopping six shoots this day!

Did you find the asparagus in the above photo?