Answer: Spot the Sardinian Asparagus

Last week I posted a photo and asked my readers to “Spot the Asparagus.” A few of you played along, a few of you were very cold and a few of you were warm.

Hunting for wild Sardinian asparagus is not easy, it’s like trying to find a needle in a gigantic haystack, your eyes will cross and squint and maybe, just maybe you’ll give up and go home to open a bottle of Cannonau.

Spot the Asparagus

My Sardinian Life Jennifer Avventura 2014

See the thin red circle on the right? That’s the asparagus shoot I picked and ate.

After almost six years of asparagus hunting I can finally say that I’m professional and come home with at least 100 shoots each time. Oh yes, I can spot that thin shoot of deliciousness from afar.

Do you have the patience to hunt for this wild vegetable?

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