A Coastal Walk at Porto Faro, Sardinia, Italy

When time permits, and when the weather is just right (like a strong mistral blowing through) I like to take long coastal walks to discover hidden coves, islets and even old lighthouses like at Porto Faro, Palau, Sardinia, Italy. This coastal walk is unlike any I’ve ever done, with its craggy coastline and many, many hidden and delicious beaches to be discovered.

Not only are coastal walks an excellent form of free exercise, but it gets you into the open fresh air and lets you discover parts of Sardinia often forgotten, and it shows you a side of Sardinia that can only be witnessed on foot.

The fresh salty air, the hot mistral wind, and the craggy coastline are just a few things that will keep you interested in a coastal walk at Sardinia.

What keeps you motivated to seek out new adventures? Tell me about it in the comment section below.

4 thoughts on “A Coastal Walk at Porto Faro, Sardinia, Italy

  1. Good Morning,  Currently recovering from hurricane Irma ( Pompano Beach, Florida), and planning to visit Sardinia. Jennifer, tell me, would you be available as a guide for a fee? If you could, it would be fantastic! Thanks,Kenneth Ward, MD, MSME

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  2. When we were in Sardegna, my family brought us to one of the beaches, so beautiful. I will never forget it. This one looks amazing as well. Love, love, love your interesting and so beautiful things of Sardegna! Amazing! Have a beautiful day, thank you and May God Bless!
    The Sard/American

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