A {new} Refreshing Makeover at My Sardinian Life

Welcome to the new and slightly improved My Sardinian Life. After a much too long hiatus, I thought it was time to give my much-beloved blog a refreshing makeover. I am back in the writing-blogging saddle to share my experiences with the culture, traditions, and people of this enchanting island I now call home.

Keep your eyes peeled for new posts on cost of living, working in the hospitality industry, colourful and vibrant snapshots, short stories of a wandering waitress, expat tales, and bloopers that are best only when shared.

Sardinia, Italy has been my home for the last ten years, and it’s only here where I feel truly me, and feel home.

Please let me know in the comment section below what you think of the makeover regarding fonts and font size, headline and title. All improvements are a work in progress. Thank you for following along. There will be more of me in your inbox in days, weeks and months to come. Until then … Ajo, Eh!

From Sardinia with love.

Jennifer Avventura

17 thoughts on “A {new} Refreshing Makeover at My Sardinian Life

  1. Think the new look is lovely. Much appreciated info on your island. One day I will get there: sooner rather than later,
    from the other side of the world in Australia.

  2. We came back last Thursday and missing it already. Castelsardo and Bosa and Alghero and Palau and Sant Antonio Di Gallura. Then Cannigione and Baia Sardinia and Arzenchena….the road from Cannegione to Arzenchena, confirmed our love for this place and desire to live there. Finished with Hotel ValKarana, Lago Liscia, with Italian Air Force Practising Water Landings as a welcome!

  3. Jennifer
    It looks great, I think it will continue to be as interesting as always, with a new twist in style. Love it so far! Have a beautiful day! May God Bless!
    Love & hugs,
    The Sard/American,

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