Crime & Blood | Donate

File:Blutspende Piktogramm.GIFMy hard-core addiction to police programs got me thinking about donating blood. Nightly I’m snuggled in deep watching America’s favourite police shows dubbed in Italian: C.S.I. Miami (swoon, David Caruso), N.C.I.S. (drool, Micheal Weatherly), and old skool 21 Jump Street (Oh, Johnny).

And every night without fail, there are realistic scenes of a crime, and a boat load of blood. Always pools upon pools of blood, everywhere. Then I start to think about the survivors, and their need for blood, should such a tragic accident happen. After this my thoughts spiral out of control and I begin to think about the poorer nations, those who haven’t clean blood to share, or those sick who need the blood that I am able to give.

A sign was posted in my town calling for blood donations on December 8th, 2011, I wrote it down in my day book

This year was going to be the year I donate my blood.

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Empathy is the same in every language.

The sirens wailed in the wet mountain air and stopped.  They are close, too close.  I put down my book and surveyed the damp valley below.  But I can’t see them.  The sirens start again.  I see the ambulance turn … Continue reading