Third nomination | The Versatile Blogger Award

My Sardinian Life has been nominated for the wonderful Versatile Blogger Award. A splendid way to start the new year, thank you Queens new life in Canada for the nomination.

My Sardinian Life was nominated three times for this prestigious blogging award! So I am doing something right. You can read about the first two awards and the fantastic 30 blogs I’ve nominated below.

Blogging Awards Bountiful and Laavventura is Versatile.

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Morning Runners

Yellow flashy Usain Bolt-esque runners tied and I’m out the door before the morning sun peaks over the mountain-tops. Florence & The Machine rage in my ears as I begin my warm-up. Herds of cow, horse and sheep meander on the lightly dew dropped mountain searching for their mornings feast.

I am a morning runner, therefore I run.

The mountain pulls me down her slight decline for three kilometers. The salt water breeze kisses my face and I run head on into its morning freshness.

This is how I start my mornings four times a week. Every week, summer excluded.

My turn around point is a small parking area for those wishing to text, chat or play games on their mobile devices, take a pee or watch the stunning panoramic view of the Bay of Asinara.

I used to stop and take in the view, watch the ocean crash in on this stunning island oasis. However, I’ve become stronger in my runs and want to continue on.

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Blogging Awards Bountiful

These last few days at My Sardinian Life | La Mia Vita Sarda have been busy ones. I was awarded with The Liebster Blog Award on September 22nd, and just yesterday I was awarded with The Versatile Blogger Award by sami116 over at The Embarrassment. This is My Sardinian Life’s second Versatile Award and I appreciate the effort The Embarrassment took into adding me on their list of great blogs.

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