Morning Runners

Yellow flashy Usain Bolt-esque runners tied and I’m out the door before the morning sun peaks over the mountain-tops. Florence & The Machine rage in my ears as I begin my warm-up. Herds of cow, horse and sheep meander on the lightly dew dropped mountain searching for their mornings feast.

I am a morning runner, therefore I run.

The mountain pulls me down her slight decline for three kilometers. The salt water breeze kisses my face and I run head on into its morning freshness.

This is how I start my mornings four times a week. Every week, summer excluded.

My turn around point is a small parking area for those wishing to text, chat or play games on their mobile devices, take a pee or watch the stunning panoramic view of the Bay of Asinara.

I used to stop and take in the view, watch the ocean crash in on this stunning island oasis. However, I’ve become stronger in my runs and want to continue on.

Returning uphill for three kilometers, passing shepherds wave in delight, awe and confusion. Delight because I’m a routinely friendly face. Awe because I am exercising frequently and confusion because I’m a woman, running in short running shorts, in the rain, wind and sun, four times a week.

I wave and shout greetings of the morning and they in return shout back. They smile, I smile, life is good during this forty-five minutes sport.

A shepherd passes me with this sheep herd, eight white, one black. I jump behind an ancient stone wall as the shepherd breaks out in laughter and proclaims:

“Sono stupidi. Non farà nulla.”

“They are stupid. They won’t to anything.”

Ma loro non vogliono mangiare me?

“But they won’t eat me?

He laughs a wide-mouthed laugh, shakes his head and continues on herding his sheep. I continue back up the mountain, Eminem is taking me home now, to a wonderfully hot shower.

I’m not sure why I asked him if the sheep would eat me? I suppose it’s the only verb I could find in my exasperated, almost done six kilometer morning run.

Are you a daily ish runner? What kind of runner are you, morning, noon or night? Have you come across anything strange, or odd on your outdoor run? I’d love to hear about it, tell me below.

Happy running.

21 thoughts on “Morning Runners

  1. I’m a fair-weather runner – which is my lame excuse for hating going out in the cold. I did better last winter, though, I did start going running in January instead of my usual April. Now I’m trying to keep up the running and cycling through winter this year though heavy colds have really slowed me down. It does sound like you have a lovely run. I used to run through ome stunning scenery in Derbyshire until one day I thought “Hey, you just can’t run passed this every day.” so I deliberately walked rather than ran along some of the gorgeous ridges to take in the views.
    Florence and the Machine – love them. Being a Canadian girl have you checked out Leslie Feist’s new album “Metals” ? Just great.

  2. I used to run every other day while i was in Singapore and bike (or walk) also while i was in the Philippines but since i moved to Italy and especially now with the baby.. lets just say I’m doing more of weight-lifting these days. hehe.. but i miss runs. i prefer mornings too, early ones with the least people so i can pretend i have the world all to myself. 🙂 and you look fit! its working well for you i’m sure 😀

  3. Love the post!!!!!! Especially since we share a passion of running through it all. Also love the pic of you! You are so petite! It is nice to get a face with your blog so please include more. I just didy run in the dreary rain that is melting all my beloved snow away! I prefer mornings as they get my day off on a great note!

      • Wow you are 5’11?! By the picture I thought you were tiny, more like 5’4 like my sister in law! THat is funny! I am relatively tall as well but not 5’11…more like 5’8. My shoe is 9.5. Wow! That is so funny I’m giggling now. You are lucky though as I love being tall and think it would have been even better being 5’11. It feels good for a woman to be tall! He He….

      • Yup, Im a gigantic woman! Must say though it has it’s disadvantages, like those cute tiny high heals that most women wear … yeah they don’t make them in my size! 😦 And I’m actually 5’10 3/4, right on the nose. But I prefer to say 5’11.

      • woah – i’m a 5’8 and 1/2 and size 9-10 shoes and my sister is size 11. its really not easy finding shoes but at least we dont have to put up with painful heels. 😀

      • Yes, but I love heels and a little dress. However, haven’t worn heels since I moved to Sardinia. Not sure how these women walk these mountain hills in heels! No thanks, give me my sneakers and comfort.

  4. Great place to run. And I love Florence and the Machine! I try to run. Last week I ran five days in a row, then I took a day off…which turned into five days. I need to come up with a schedule and stick to it. I would like to get at least four runs in a week.

      • I actually went for a run today and it felt good. I’m going to take your advice and go every other day. Thanks for the encouragement!

      • Yeah, good for you! Sometimes we need a little push. The hardest part is getting out the door, but once you are out, you’re out, may as well enjoy it! Today was my off day, going again first thing in the morning. Happy running.

  5. LOVE this post. There is nothing better than a run to start the day 🙂 Beautiful pics and imagery.

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