How do you eat your artichoke?

Spinoso Sardo

The artichoke farmer stopped by the house one rainy afternoon and with him he carried freshly picked artichokes. Four spinoso Sardo artichokes and four globe artichokes.

Artichokes are my favourite winter vegetable and in Sardinia they grow in abundance. My favourite way to eat an artichoke is in risotto. Husband eats the artichoke stem, raw.

I’ve baked, steamed, and fried artichokes. They are wonderfully delicious to eat any way you like.

Love artichokes? Are you looking for a new and easy recipe? Click the following link. There’s even a few pictures of the artichoke farm, plus a super easy recipe.

Eating Made Easy | Oven Baked artichokes & Potato

How do you eat your artichoke?

10 thoughts on “How do you eat your artichoke?

  1. Ohhhhh…… and now I am homesick…. Every Christmas my family makes this ridiculously fattening dip made with artichokes and cheese baked and served with crackers. Ohhh… can pickled items clear customs???

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