Fourth Times a Charm | The Versatile Blogger Award

When it rains it’s pours, and this week in Sardinia it’s raining cats and dogs (cliché I know, I don’t care)!

Where did spring go? I hope spring returns with a vengeance, I need hot heat!

I’ve been fortunate to receive The Versatile Blogger Award (for the fourth time) from AllThingsBoys Blog. A big shout out! And thank you!

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Blogging Awards Bountiful

These last few days at My Sardinian Life | La Mia Vita Sarda have been busy ones. I was awarded with The Liebster Blog Award on September 22nd, and just yesterday I was awarded with The Versatile Blogger Award by sami116 over at The Embarrassment. This is My Sardinian Life’s second Versatile Award and I appreciate the effort The Embarrassment took into adding me on their list of great blogs.

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