Street art from Sassari, Sardinia

Jennifer Avventura My Sardinian Life

Simply breathtaking this little side street, and what a wonderful surprise to find such artwork displayed on a wall, outside.

How do you like your street art? Bright and flashy or classic like in the above photo?

Snapshots: Strolling the Streets of Sassari

Sassari is the second-largest city in Sardinia, and to us small town mountain dwellers who venture here on such brief occasions, it’s called the big city or the big smoke. I enjoy getting lost in the streets of Sassari, there are beautiful surprises around every corner from classical art to street art and must-see energetic festivals that will leave you gasping for more. Follow me, on yet, another photographic voyage of this striking city.

Strolling the Streets of Sassari

When I need to aimlessly wander ancient cobblestone streets, I come here to gaze at local art and sip an apertivo.

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