Hunting Season Sardinia

Hunting season is a rite of passage for most young boys in Sardinia. Their father and their father’s father have passed down generations of knowledge and whereabouts of the islands fine animals. Hunting on the island of Sardinia has taken place since the first inhabitants set foot on this sprawling lush island.

For those that love to exercise outdoors (like myself) it’s good to know when the hunters will be roaming the mountains that I run oh so close to. Last year I had just turned a corner, making decent pace when Continue reading

Lord of the Boars | In Sardegna

The Sardinian wild boar is a beastly animal weighing between 110-200 pounds with a compact head and short legs. The colours range from chocolate, cream, black and spotted boar. Its fur is stiff and was once used as bristles for a toothbrush. The adult male boar develops tusks which continuously grow and has teeth that protrude from the mouth. They use these tusks in self-defense. Continue reading