Hunting Season Sardinia

Hunting season is a rite of passage for most young boys in Sardinia. Their father and their father’s father have passed down generations of knowledge and whereabouts of the islands fine animals. Hunting on the island of Sardinia has taken place since the first inhabitants set foot on this sprawling lush island.

For those that love to exercise outdoors (like myself) it’s good to know when the hunters will be roaming the mountains that I run oh so close to. Last year I had just turned a corner, making decent pace when a hunter stuck his head out from behind an olive tree. The first thing that got my attention was the size of the rifle, the second thing that caught my attention was the closeness of the hunter to well … me! After seeing the hunter, I ran my fastest 6k ever. I felt like Jamaican sprinter Usian Bolt, except I wasn’t running to win gold, I was running for my life!

After that run I have kept myself informed of when hunting season opens in Sardinia.


  • Sardinian Partridge & Hare. September 18 & 25. October 2 & 9. No later than 2pm.
  • Woodcock, Snipe, Cesena, Blackbird, Song Thrush and Redwing. September 18 & 25. October 2 & 9. No later than 2pm. October 13 – January 31, Sundays and Thursdays only.
  • Wild rabbit, Fox, Lark, Pigeon, Crow, Quail, Dove and BlueJay. September 18 & 25. October 2 & 9. October 13 – January 31, Sundays and Thursdays only.
  • Wild Boar – November 6, 13, 20, 27. December 4, 8, 11, 18, 26. January 8, 15, 22, 29.

Stuffed Sardinian Wild Boar

I am not a hunter nor do I play one on the internet. This is just the way of life on the island of Sardinia. Hunting has been part of their culture for centuries, nothing will stop it now.

Happy Hunting Sardinia!

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  2. Isn’t it lovely in this day and age that we have to add a disclaimed like that???? But ohhhh I can just taste fresh meat!!!

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