The Raw Reality of Expat Life in Small Town Sardinia

So, you want to live the dolce vita in a small town in Sardinia? Eat handcrafted gelato in the middle of an August heat-wave and sail away on the Mediterranean Sea forgetting reality exists?

Sounds pretty awesome, right?

La dolce vita or the sweet life has a very colourful, sour inside. In this post I will step out of my comfort zone, to show to you –  the endless Italian dreamer the sour side to paradise.

There are no beautiful photos of pristine perfect beaches or snow-capped mountains or even ancient alleys that lead to paradise. No, this post is raw facts about living and working in a small town in Sardinia, Italy.

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My Expat Job Struggles | Sardinia, Italy

Landing a decent job in Sardinia is no easy task. Finding a job that I feel comfortable and happy with is proving to be difficult. Last week I wrote a post called My Expat Lives | Celebrating 4 Years in Sardinia, Italy. In that post, I highlight some of the struggles I’ve faced and overcome in the last four years. I’ve decided to write this post in hopes to inform people who Google: expat Sardinia, expat work in Sardinia, expat life in Sardinia and so on.

I’ve received several emails from people all over the world asking me questions about life on this beautiful Mediterranean island. Questions about daily life, working life and language.

There is a lot of competition for jobs on the island at the moment, the unemployment rate is through the roof and the employers are using that to their advantage, by paying the employees a lower wage. It’s a sad state of affairs for the unemployed in Sardinia, now imagine being an expat.

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