Sardinia – A stunning paradise of litter

Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Gandhi

Nothing annoys me more than seeing a beautiful beach, street or park littered with the laziness of people who continue to make our world a not so beautiful place to live. My favourite time to hit the beach in Sardinia is May and September – why you ask? Well, because there are hardly any tourists and the beaches are clean. What you say? Clean? Yes, clean and litter free.

Jennifer Avventura My Sardinian Life 2013 (3)

Who do you think is going to walk down that long sandy path to clean this disgusting mess up? The commune? The men and women who work long, hard hours collecting garbage from house to house, from shop to shop and from hotel to hotel? You really think they are paid adequately to walk down that steep incline to retrieve the garbage you left? NO! No, they aren’t and no they won’t.

Now, I can’t put all this litter blame on the tourists, can I? That would be totally ignorant on my part. This is a local problem as much as it’s an international problem. I’ve given harsh words to my local friends about leaving their cigarette butts in the sand, and I’ve been tempted one too many times to give the same harsh words to the tourists I see leaving litter on the beach (but lucky for you, my husband held me back).

If you brought it with you – take it away with you, this includes your cigarette butts! There are adequate garbage bins at ALL public beaches in Sardinia.

Don’t be an uneducated fool who leaves litter on this island, or anywhere in this beautiful place we call planet earth.

Considered yourself warned. I’ll be watching you.

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