The Monday Farmers Market | Sardinia, Italy

Welcome to the Monday Farmers Market.

It’s my favourite time of week, Monday Market Day! It’s where I load up on local fruit, vegetables, cheese, rice and local salami. I’ve been going to the same vendors for years; we joke, exchange recipes, and banter on about the usual, weather. It’s a wonderful experience and I enjoy speaking with the local people, they have taught me so much about their culture, land and traditions, all I have to do is buy their fruit. It’s an intellectual exchange of homemade goodness.

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The Daily Groceries | Sardinia, Italy

At the beginning of June, I wrote a post about the cost of living in Sardinia, Italy where I have listed the cost of internet, electricity, gas, water, eating out and cell phone bills.

This morning I did a little shopping and by little, I mean very little, just the necessities to get though the next few days plus a few cleaning products.

A grand total of €37,08 or $45.95 Canadian dollars.

The most expensive items on my list:

4 Yogurt €2,98 and freshly made hamburgers – €2,46.

The cheapest items:

Canned chickpeas and canned lentils – €0,55.

I think it’s rather expensive but that comes with island life.

Curious to see what the Daily Groceries cost in China? Check out my blogger friend –  The World According to Woman – Come grocery shopping with woman.

How does it compare to where you live?

Cost of Living 2012 | Sardinia, Italy

Every day My Sardinian Life receives blog hits from people around the world searching for the cost of living in Sardinia, Italy.

Yesterday afternoon I did a little shopping and thought it would be fun to post my shopping receipts to help those people who are continually searching for the cost of things in Sardinia.

Cost of Living 2012 | Sardinia, Italy

Here’s a quick run down of items purchased.

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