1st Place for My Sardinian Life in the 2012 Canadian Blog Awards

The votes are in and My Sardinian Life takes 1st place in the 2012 Canadian Blog Awards – in the category of Best Travel & Expat Blog – snaperiffic! It was a close one; so close in fact that there was only a 3 vote difference between 1st & 2nd places!

And now, on with the acceptance speech:

Firstly, I would like to thank Jonathan Kleiman who took copious amounts of time to organize this award for Canadian bloggers across the globe. Jonathan is a Toronto Business Lawyer and a Small Claims Lawyer and his side gig is organizing fantastic blogging awards. I wonder how he does it? If you need a lawyer, be sure to click Jonathan’s name above – and I’m sure he can sort you right on out. So, thank you Jonathan. I appreciate all the hard work you’ve done in the last year to make this award a reality.

I would also like to thank all of those that took time out to vote for My Sardinian Life – you helped make this award a reality and to you I am grateful.

Thanks to you!

  • My number one fan – my Mom.
  • Every family member that voted.
  • My virtual friends from Sardinia – grazie per il vostro continuo supporto. Ho imparato molto da voi in questi ultimi anni sulla tua terra, il tuo mare e delle vostre tradizioni. Grazie. La Sardegna è la nostra da scoprire.
  • My Italian Reflections group – if it weren’t for you lot I would have gone bonkers long ago!
  • The Virtual Tourist crew.
  • My Twitter followers.
  • My first real life blogging buddy in Bagni – you showed me that anything is possible.
  • All my Facebook fans & friends and to all the expats around the world, who are living their dream.

2012 Canadian Blog Awards 1st

Raise your glass high; I salute you.

From the bottom of my heart – thank you!
Jennifer Avventura

Final voting in the 2012 Canadian blog awards

Check out my awesome new Nominee badge for the 2012 Canadian Blog Awards! Thanks to everyone that helped me get this far now I have just one more small favour to ask – help me win it!

Final voting for the 2012 Canadian blog awards runs from November 1st, 2012 to December 1st, 2012.

My Sardinian Life is nominated for Best Travel & Expat Blog. Please help me to reach my dream in winning this Canadian award, eh!


You will be whisked away to Jonathan Kleiman’s site to vote. He’s the wonderful Toronto business lawyer who founded this award for Canadian bloggers – all over the world. Thank you, Jonathan.

Once on the Canadian Blog Awards page; scroll down and on the bottom right hand corner is the category: Best Travel and Expat Blog. Click to open, select My Sardinian Life and click VOTE!

The competition is fierce; from local travelers in Nova Scotia to a newfound expat friend in China. I am overwhelmed to be in the same group as these fabulous travelers, bloggers and photographers.

Thank you all, for your wonderful support over the last two years. If it wasn’t for your comments and words of encouragement – I would have given up long ago. You have all humbled me. Blessed be.

Thank you for voting.

Vote for My Sardinian Life in the 2012 Canadian Blog Awards

Voting is now open for the 2012 Canadian Blog Awards. This is just round 1 and voting closes November 1st, 2012.

My Sardinian Life has been nominated for Best Travel and Expat Blog and now it’s time to make your votes count!

Click the following link to vote for My Sardinian Life. On the bottom right hand column you will see Best Travel and Expat Blog>click to open>select My Sardinian Life. You can only vote once, so make it count.

Vote Here! For My Sardinian Life – Best Travel and Expat Blog

Remember this is just Round 1 and voting closes November 1st, 2012.

My Sardinian Life thanks all voters from the bottom of my expat Canadian heart.

2012 Canadian Blog Awards | Nominate My Sardinian Life

**UPDATE – This is just the nomination period. I wasn’t aware that you could only nominate once and that voting will take place at a different time. I’ll keep you updated as to when voting starts. Thank you all.

Nominate My Sardinian Life for the 2012 Canadian Blog Awards.

At the moment there are no travel or expat categories. I’ve been told that if there are enough nominations for a new category that they would make one.

My Sardinian Life’s categories for the 2012 Canadian Blog Awards:  Best Travel Blog and Best Expat Blog.

What YOU can do:
1. Click the link provided for the 2012 Canadian Blog Awards.http://cdnba.wordpress.com/2012/08/18/nominations-for-the-2012-canadian-blog-awards
2. In the comment section, leave the nomination.
3.  You must add my blog name, link and category.
4.  Then click submit comment.

Example: My Sardinian Life, www.laavventura.wordpress.com, Best Expat Blog, Best Travel Blog.

TIP: You can copy & paste the example above into the comment section of the 2012 Canadian Blog Awards.

I missed last years awards and am keen on taking part this year.

Help My Sardinian Life win a 2012 Canadian Blog Award!

Your continued support means the world to me.

Thank you! Grazie.