Snapshots: The Art of Losing Oneself to Sardinia

The art of getting lost is an easy task if you don’t know where you are going and are not prepared to get lost. I don’t get lost as much as I used to, like that time in Dublin, Copenhagen, Australia or even Brasil. The art of losing oneself in Sardinia is spectacular, mind-boggling and a full frontal attack on all human senses. I often lose myself to the spectacular panorama, the rising sun or the setting full-moon, the endless crashing of waves and even in a plate of traditional gnocchi Sardi topped with aged pecorino cheese and a glass or two of cannonau (Sardinia’s earthy, red wine).

What I don’t do, ever, is get lost in a maze like the photo below.

I prefer to walk on the road often traveled, however, every once in awhile I like stray from the path to adventures unknown with my trusted Sardinian sidekick showing me the way.

Go on and get lost, just be sure to come back and tell me all about it.

Which road would you prefer to walk on?

3 thoughts on “Snapshots: The Art of Losing Oneself to Sardinia

  1. Thank you for all your wonderful postings about Sardinia’s lure and beauty. Your thoughts and insights added to our enjoyment of Sardinia on our recent September trip where we explored the island via public transportation.

    • I would love to hear your about your adventures in Sardinia, and how brave to travel them on public transportation! How did that go? And thank you for your kind and inspiring words, it’s what keep me going. All the best to you and next time you’re in Sardinia, let’s have Cannonau. 🙂

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    even if you do not get many replies PLEASE DON”T EVER GIVE UP!
    Every post from you, is really appreciated; not only they are very well done and very informative, but they touches the heart of many that for one reason or another left Sardinia.

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