Endless Blue Sardinia

Jennifer Avventura 2013 My Sardinian Life (2)

Time has gotten the better of me; but you, my dear Sardinia have captured me with your endless blue skies and calming blue waters. I shall return to your mystical land for it’s the only place my soul rests, until then you are forever in my heart.

Did you visit Sardinia this year? Tell me about your trip in the comment section below.

About Jennifer Avventura

Canadian Freelance writer living in Sardinia, Italy. A serial expat who has lived in Australia, England and Cayman Islands. She eats Nutella with a spoon and hides under the bed during lightning storms. When she's not out running 6k you will find her sitting at the computer - writing her novel and searching for worldwide waitress work.
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7 Responses to Endless Blue Sardinia

  1. What a beautiful picture! Canada is bringing out the poet in you 😉 How’s it going over there, btw? Maybe a little post on your latest exploits would be nice? Just sayin’…

  2. Paul says:

    Well I can see Sardinia gets in any one’s blood once they visit. I was born there and already have it in my blood, but the nostalgia is killing me…..

  3. perlarson says:

    We return now for two months a year, April and May – the best months we feel – when each tiny hamlet has a festival celebrating something – just being alive after the winter is enough it seems!
    You can read about our Sardegne in http://www.PerOnSardinia.wordpress.com

  4. lizbert1 says:

    I’ve never been but Sardinia is definitely on my wish list!! Beautiful blue!

  5. Rosemarie Kleinberg says:

    Hi Jennifer

    So happy that you are back! It will be fun to hear your experiences back home and learn about beautiful Canada! Take care, look forward to your next venture! May God Bless!

    Love & Hugs,
    The Sard/American

  6. ringletwraith says:

    My husband, three close friends, and I just returned from our first visit to Sardegna. I found your site when I was searching for information about “la fede Sarda” my husband bought for me. I completely understand why you are longing to be there. The landscapes and people of Sardgena stole our hearts (and the food stole our appetites for any other cuisine), and we are constantly daydreaming about a return trip. Thanks for creating this site and sharing your stories about Sardegna. Between this site, all the photographs I’ve got spinning on my screen saver, and communicating with friends we made on our trip, we just might survive until our next visit.

  7. Mary says:

    Im going to Sardinia for a wedding in April. Can you recommend a nice place to stay?
    Thank you!

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