Inside Sardinia – Feelings of Nostalgia

When nostalgia gets the better of me, I turn to her …


11 thoughts on “Inside Sardinia – Feelings of Nostalgia

  1. Ciao Jennifer
    Beautiful posting as always! How have both of you been? Have you both adjusted to life back home in Canada? Hope you are both doing well! It is good to hear from you! May God Bless and have a beautiful day!

    Love & Hugs,
    The Sard/American

      • Hi Jennifer

        No I have had too many health issues with my back and now I need a hip replacement, so I am hoping next year we can travel and visit. I am happy to hear that all is well in Canada and you both are doing great! Keep in touch, I love hearing from you!
        Love & Hugs,

      • Hi Jennifer

        Thank you! Take care and will speak with you soon! May God Bless!


  2. Gorgeous. As always. The view is actually not too far off from the 2nd photo in my last post, just your mountains are a bit higher. And I love the header with the snow. So weird! In the Mediterranean!

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