You’re distracting me! Go away.

While I should be writing my piece on ‘Asparagus Hunters,’ I’m well, just not. It’s there in my lazy head wanting to come out, needing to come out.  But it’s just too lazy.  All it wants to do all day is surf the net and read other super fine blogs by super strange people out there in cyber space.  As well as eating one two many carbs in the day, smoking like a wet Sardinian chimney, consuming copious amounts of Nutella and local pecorino cheese (fresh sheep cheese.  There’s some in the fridge … want some?) believing that thirty minutes on the indoor bicycle will get my bikini bod back, yeah just doesn’t cut it.  I NEED to focus!  Capital F.  With too many goodies to devour out there in life I find my self distracted by life’s little pleasures.  Maybe it’s the Sardinian air, food or even … sex.  Who knows?  Chi lo sa?  My day dreaming must come to an end and I must finish that piece on … wait, what was I rambling on about?  Oh right … Asparagus Hunters.

My New Year starts February 1st 2011.  Blessed Be.

Death Becomes Me.

It’s been a relatively strange new year. The news that my seven-year old niece lost her best friend forever was a shock to me and to the community. He was only seven. Just seven. Young, full of life and happiness. And just like that he was taken away, an accident. A horrible accident. Such a tragedy for the family when someone so young is taken away. My niece is dealing as best a seven-year old can.
One hour ago I received the news that my ninety-seven year old Nana had passed. She was just old. There was no accident involved, no pain, no suffering. She lived her life full and was able to see many great-great-great grandchildren. It’s sad when we loose a loved one, but how can we grieve when that life was lived to the fullest of potential? When that life was led to a ripe old age? Yes, we still grieve, but we don’t grieve like we would when a child is taken from our arms.
Life certainly has a way with us.
Give your parents and children a hug today, and tell them that you love them.

Long Vacay

Oooo….Ive been on a long holiday with much to much testosterone. Im having a pleasant time however I can’t seem to find the question mark and the hyphens on this newly odd keyboard. Just a quick update here. Spent NYE in Switzerland, then drove to Germany for a night with friends and now we are back in Italy waiting for one more sleep to head back to Sardegna. Thats all for now folks. Thanks for checking in. I’ll be posting more once I’m back on track.

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