My Home and Native Land

Where in the world is Jennifer Avventura?

In the land of horseshoes, timbits and drive thru’s.

Oh yes, after 38 months abroad, I’ve come home to surprise my family. And what a wonderful surprise it was. I will never forget their faces when they saw me in that first moment. Priceless.

For lunch today, again, I will be going to Tim Horton’s. Yum! I’m an addict when it comes to Timmy’s. I’ll be having the soup of the day with an everything bagel loaded with cream cheese. Then I will wash it down with a few timbits! Life is grand.

I still haven’t a digital camera, but am working on buying a new one.

My posts for the next month will be infrequent to say the least. But I am still here, hear me ROAR! And I am reading your posts.

Wishing you all a wonderful and safe holiday season.

Happy Holidays from Jennifer Avventura.