My Sardinian Life’s All-Time Blog Stats

It’s been awhile since I’ve written about blogging, and it seems only fair to share My Sardinian Life’s All-Time Stats, from the beginning of time.

Why do I think it’s important to share my blog stats with the world?

Because most bloggers are secretly obsessed with their stats, and I think too many bloggers focus on the numbers and not the content they write.

I want to show newbies to the blogging world, that it takes time. Patience is definitely a virtue.

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My views by Country – A new WordPress Feature

Well, what a wonderful surprise. Thank-you WordPress! You have made my year!

I love maps, all maps, everything map-ish, I heart it! This is one super new feature on the stats page, right here on WordPress. It’s free, and easy.

Country views

Have you seen your new views by country in your stats?