Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

This week the folks controlling the Weekly Photo Challenge have asked us to represent “The Golden Hour.” The golden hour is the first and last hour of the day. I’ve never been a sunset photographer and sunrises are just too early for me. I did however manage to capture a photo of the setting full moon one early morning.

The Golden Hour – Asinara Bay, Sardinia, Italy

The Golden Hour by Jennifer Avventura 2013This photo was shot at 5:03 am using a Sony Cyber-Shot. I think it turned out pretty cool, you can even see the moon’s reflection, shining brightly on Castlesardo. There is nothing golden about this photo but it was shot at the right time for this weeks theme.

Any tips for capturing the perfect golden hour of a sunset?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

This weeks photo challenge is rather, well, challenging: through. I’ve never been good at taking these type of photos, although I do enjoy trying. What I have envisioned in my mind, never seems to come out in the photo. I’m submitting two photos for this weeks challenge as I can’t make up my mind.

Through ancient granite doorways we see the rolling hills of central Sardinia.

My second submission for this weeks challenge is rather cute and carries a wonderful story, close to my heart.

Through this window, and though this fog. If I look close enough I will find my angels.

I hope I’ve managed to capture this weeks challenge.

Buon weekend!