Mega marketing failure by Classico

I did a little shopping this morning, at a store I never go to and was delighted to see Classico Sun-Dried Tomato Pestomade in Sardegna. Happily, I added it to my cart, even though I was giggling to myself, saying – there’s no way this pesto is made in Sardegna.

Upon unpacking my goods, I noticed one mega marketing failure, it’s a colossal failure, such a failure that I had to share it with the world, such a loss that it rubs me totally the wrong way to which I will never buy Classico again.

And the mega marketing failure is:

Classico marketing failure by Jennifer Avventura 2015

On the front label (left) it clearly states – PESTO di Sardegna. The mega marketing failure is on the lid. Can you see it?

Where is Sardegna?

There is the mainland of Italy and Sicily, but where is the island that this pesto comes from? It’s off the map, gone AWOL or someone at Classico doesn’t know their geography.

Have you noticed any mega marketing failures? Share your thoughts below.