Mega marketing failure by Classico

I did a little shopping this morning, at a store I never go to and was delighted to see Classico Sun-Dried Tomato Pestomade in Sardegna. Happily, I added it to my cart, even though I was giggling to myself, saying – there’s no way this pesto is made in Sardegna.

Upon unpacking my goods, I noticed one mega marketing failure, it’s a colossal failure, such a failure that I had to share it with the world, such a loss that it rubs me totally the wrong way to which I will never buy Classico again.

And the mega marketing failure is:

Classico marketing failure by Jennifer Avventura 2015

On the front label (left) it clearly states – PESTO di Sardegna. The mega marketing failure is on the lid. Can you see it?

Where is Sardegna?

There is the mainland of Italy and Sicily, but where is the island that this pesto comes from? It’s off the map, gone AWOL or someone at Classico doesn’t know their geography.

Have you noticed any mega marketing failures? Share your thoughts below.

20 thoughts on “Mega marketing failure by Classico

  1. My Sardinian mother-in-law used the passaverdure to mill the canned tomatoes before adding them to the sauce. Love your blog! Btw, at Costco in the U.S. they sell pecorino Sardo but call it Pecorino Romano! Bastardi!

  2. Nice one Jenny I’ll take it one step further….apart from forgetting to put Sardinia on the map, it’s also a fraud because there is absolutely nothing Italian or Sardinian inside. With an Italian name on the cap and the map of Italy people are fooled into thinking they are buying Italian food. The producer, on it’s website states: “In Sardegna, sun dried tomatoes are combined with Parmesan and Romano cheeses, onions, garlic, red peppers and olive oil to create this memorable pesto. We followed this tradition in creating our unique Classico Pesto di Sardegna. Sun Dried Tomato Pesto is ideal for pasta, meat, salad or bread.”. Needless to say that they were careful to avoid mentioning Parmigiano or Pecorino Romano cheeses but used their misleading and commonly used names for the fake rubbish instead. This has nothing to do with Sardinia or Italy, it just one of the millions of fakes that are ruining our economy.

    • Truly well said, Joe. Thank you for your input. I wholeheartedly agree, that this product is a fake. And it tasted rotten, I bought if for one reason … It said Sardegna and I was the fool. Then I noticed that Sardegna was right off the map! Then I got real angry.

  3. That is a food crime, a violation of the brand “made in Sardinia”. The presence of these products damage sardinian food industry for dozens millions euros per year. Americans are a shame.

  4. In united states, i have seen the same marketing failure on the classico label. Although i am not from sardinia, it really pisses me off that the island is not on the map.

  5. WELL spotted bu is not the first time that this happen and continues happen,
    considering that it would not be a ITALY without Sardinia ( wick was all united under the Kingdom of Sardinia from 1324 to 1861 then then changed to the Kingdom of ITALY
    ) a what the FILLUSU de BAGASSA they lease it out in purpose these Continentas !!
    And for the sauce there are only pushers and cash-in on the name like most of the Italian restaurants in Great Britain are not truly Italian but even Chinese

  6. This sauce is “Inspired” by Sardinia. Ummm sure. I sent them a review stating how ironic this whole thing is. I suggested they review their map šŸ™‚

  7. Unforgivable, lol! And quite ridiculous, I have to say. On a side note…there is NO way this is from Sardegna!?!?! I showed this to my husband and he just shook his head in disbelief!!

    • I agree, I knew it wasn’t from or made in Sardinia. I bought it just for kicks and giggles. šŸ˜œ and honestly,Mir really wasn’t that good. Any good Sardinian would have made the pesto from scratch, well the ones I’ve met anyway. Gosh, how I miss it there. I’ve heard it’s super hot!

      How is your holiday in Sardinia going?

  8. Hi Jennifer

    Now this is really sad, use an island name and not know where it is is tragic! Have you contacted Classico? I love seeing and purchasing anything from Sardegna, especially “Manca” pasta from Algehero, Sardegna. Mainly because it is wonderful pasta and secondly that is my family name! Love hearing from you! Have a beautiful rest of the summer! We get to go again next year in June to visit family and we can’t wait!

    Love & hugs,

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