The Highs & Lows of the Italian Stamp | An Ongoing Series

*Update November 4, 2011

**Original post written on October 12, 2011

The Italian postal system is mystifying, one day it’s black the next white. I wrote a post in December 2010 called How The Italian Postal System Blows My Mind which was an ongoing post about how my mothers packages would arrive via various methods. One day black and one day white, right? Continue reading

How the Italian Postal System – Blows my Mind.

Living on an island in Italy has its up and downs.  I’ve lived here for almost three years and every day the ‘system‘ changes, a new law passed, the Prime Minster can buy votes, and maybe the post will arrive domani.  It’s no wonder most of the habitants here are ‘fuori di testa.’  How can anyone possibly trust/rely on a system that is corrupt and changes only for the good will of the already made billionaires. Continue reading