An interview with La Nuova Sardegna by Silvana Porcu

This past March I was contacted by Silvana Porcu, an English-speaking Sardinian journalist from La Nuova Sardegna. She and her editors were looking for an article on Sardinia but from an outsiders point of view. Silvana found My Sardinian Life and she contacted me. We did the interview via Skype, she in Alghero and I in my adopted hometown in Sardinia.

I would like to thank Silvana for taking the time out to interview me on My Sardinian Life. And another huge thanks to La Nuova Sardegna for printing the article. This was a huge honour for me, thank you.

What joy and exposure! I’ve already been contacted by a woman who lives in Sardinia and she is Canadian! Imagine! I thought I was the only Canadian on the island. I’m looking forward to meeting these newfound friends.

My Sardinian Life – A Canadian blogger reveals the secrets of the island …

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