Snapshots: Sagra delle Mele at Ussassai, Sardinia, Italy

Just a little teaser of my favourite photo from a recent trip deep into the centre of Sardinia, for the 21st Sagra delle Mele – The 21st Apple Festival, held at Ussassai, a depopulated, colourful town that’s full of cheer and excellent hospitality.

Stay tuned, there’s more to come from this magnificent festival and surrounding mountainous area that completely stole my senses, and heart.

1 thought on “Snapshots: Sagra delle Mele at Ussassai, Sardinia, Italy

  1. Hi Jennifer
    I did not know that Sardegna had an apple festival, how fun and exciting is that! I cannot wait to hear more about it and the town it takes place in! I look forward to your next message! Have a beautiful day Happy Halloween! May God Bless!
    Love & hugs,

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