Inside Sardinia: Lake Cucchinadorza

Lake Cucchinadorza in the province of Nuoro, sits at the foot of the Gennargentu mountain range and offers stunning views of the three surrounding towns: Ollolai, Ovodda and Teti.

Lago di Chucchinadorza by Jennifer Avventura My Sardinian Life

Nestled deep in the valley, Lake Cucchinadorza provides the nature-lover in you with a plethora of wildlife, hiking & horseback trails and a staggering panorama of the neighbouring towns.

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16 thoughts on “Inside Sardinia: Lake Cucchinadorza

  1. Just wonderful, the mountains are another of my family favorites as well as the beach! This is just great for when we return, my list is growing and I love it all! Thank you and have a splendid day!

    The Sard/American

  2. Stunning! As much as I love the beach I also love the lakes and surrounding areas. Have you been to Lago Coghinas? My dad grew up in the area…it’s breathtaking! People need to see these place…not just the beaches in Sardinia!

    • You’re right! Too many people never leave Sardinia’s coastline, there is so much to offer and see on the interior. I’ve been to Lago Coghinas and it’s just as lovely! This fall/winter I’m making it a point to visit the interior of the island more.

    • If you happen to pass by the lake again, through a pebble in the water and tell it it’s from me…it knows who I am.!!!!

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