Tantalizing Torrone from Tonara

Tonara by Jennifer Avventura My Sardinian Life (4)Torrone from Tonara is Sardinia’s supreme sweet; made exclusively with local honey, egg whites and almonds. It is the first-rate nougat bar that the islanders reach for to satisfy their sweet tooth. Every corner of the island knows the best torrone comes from Tonara.

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to drive 200 kilometers to the heart of Sardinia.  I roamed ancient streets and grazed on the abundant world-class torrone as locals busied themselves preparing the longest torrone in Sardinia, and they did it! 200 glorious meters stretched and curved along the streets of Tonara.

Traditionally torrone was hand mixed using a long wooden rod and taking up to three hours for the ingredients to harden. Today, machines have taken the place of hard labor but the result is still the same – a lasting sweetness that you can only find in Sardinia’s heart.

The longest Torrone in Sardinia. Il Torrone piu lungo della Sardegna.

Torrone from Tonara, Sardinia, Italy by Jennifer Avventura My Sardinian Life (2)

Once the torrone was measured and the crowd heavily applauded, a team of three people walked the 200 meter length selling torrone by the meter. I was one of the first to buy this deliciousness.

Bite-size portions of fresh, hot torrone was freely given to passersby and I shrieked in delight as the sweet, melting sensation took over the inside of my mouth. I sat curbside slowly devouring the honeyed goodness as a men’s choir began to sing a local song about love and family. It was utterly blissful, and I’m desperately looking forward to a return visit to Sardinia’s heart.

Here I am at home, enjoying a bountiful mouthful of the world’s most-supreme torrone.

Jennifer Avventura Torrone Tonara My Sardinian Life

Have you tried Sardinia’s best torrone?

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