Travel Theme: Roads

This week’s travel theme by Ailsa at Where’s my backpack is roads. Sardinian roads are curvy, fast, mountainous and covered with little surprises.

My favourite road in Sardinia with a Nuraghe.

Jennifer Avventura My Sardinian Life (37)


A favourite hiking road.

Cascabraga by Jennifer Avventura 2012 (6)


A very curvy mountain road – taken from the top of a mountain.

Jennifer Avventura My Sardinian Life (49)


My Sardinian running road.

wwwp5k (3)


A typical farm road, leading to paradise.

Jennifer Avventura 2013 (2)


My favourite Sardinian road scene; covered with sheep.

Road by Jennifer Avventura 2013

What are the roads like in your neck of the woods?

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6 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Roads

  1. Hi Jennifer
    First of all love, love the Torrone candy , I remember purchasing it fresh and handmade in Bono at a street market and bringing it to my cousins homes. Yummy! The roads here are very pretty, country and mountainous roads, wine country, ocean side all leading to some wonderful places with loads of beautiful scenery on the way. Both Northern and Southern California are amazing! Sardinia is just beautiful and those are great roads. I love the Nuraghe, and the sheep! Beautiful photos! Have a great day! May God Bless!

    The Sard/American,

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