Travel Theme: Hot

Another great theme from Ailsa from Where’s my backpack? The theme this week is hot and I wish it were hot in Sardinia now. Instead of warm summer temperatures we’ve dipped below 10c! That’s shivering cold for us. I’m bundled up tight in my Canadian sweatshirt and wooly socks and dreaming of higher temps.

Hot on Li Feruli

Li Feruli by Jennifer Avventura 2012 (5)

How hot is too hot for you?

7 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Hot

  1. 10°C…I’ll send you a scraper for the car to clean the windshield, we don’t need it here it’s only -5°C in Windsor On.

  2. Growing up in Australia I loved the heat. But now living in New Zealand I wonder how I would fare back there…not so sure I could cope. The older I get the less I like extremes.

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