My Top 20 {at home} Sardinian Food Delights | A Photo Montage

If you love food as much as I do, then you will drool over the following photo montage of my favourite Sardinian delights.

Everything that you’ve seen here is locally farmed, produced and hand crafted from age-old traditions that still ring true today. (I’m still, slowly learning the art of patience in the kitchen.)

I try my best to buy only products (fruit, veg, meats, cheese and wine) which are produced in Sardinia. It’s difficult sometimes but I can proudly say that 80% of the products consumed in my house come from Sardinian farms.

I think it’s important to keep our struggling Sardinian economy going and have bought only local produce for many years. I find the food tastes better, looks better and lasts longer than the produce shipped over on the boats.

Do you support your local growers, farmers and shepherds?

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29 thoughts on “My Top 20 {at home} Sardinian Food Delights | A Photo Montage

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  2. I found your post on google, i’ve read all post and comments while i’m in bus from Olbia airport to San Teodoro. Thank you for your suggestions on food, I went by plane in Sardinia and I could not carry back home too many foods and drinks so I decided to buy online and send me everything! Now I can eat and drink Sardinian specialties also to my house! Let me suggest my preferred are culurgiones

  3. This was some glorious food porn. I try to buy Russian whenever I can, and from the specific suppliers/farms, if I have the option – some have a better reputation of quality and ‘naturalness’ than others.

    • Yes, so very strange. We say in English “great minds think alike.” And we did on that post. The furthest I buy my fruit and veg from is 10km and sometimes even less. Love me home grown Sardinian products.

  4. I am salivating just looking at the beautiful array of foods, we loved, loved, loved all of the food in Sardegna. Everything freshly grown, farmed, raised, amazing! I envy you the choices. We support our local farmers here and attend the local Farmers Market every Saturday morning in our town as well as visit so many others for different products and produce. This was a beautiful showing of what Sardinia has to offer! Have a beautiful day! May God Bless!

    The Sard/American,

    • Thank you Rosemarie,

      I think it’s very important to support our local farmers and market. Our market day is monday and it’s my favourite day all week!

      • Jennifer

        I totally agree , no matter what country you live in. I do envy the very fresh and beautiful varieties you can choose from in Sardegna. When we were there we would go to the next town of Bono and enjoy their open market, fantastic foods and what wonderful fresh choices! I just love your articles! Have a beautiful day! Did you ever receive my question regarding interpreters for English speaking people visiting family in Sardegna, who only speak the language. Is there such a service for future use? Thank you again!


  5. Glad to see you enjoying the local fare in your new home. I, too, love supporting local vendors – especially the fruit. Not only because they are delicious, but also because it’s fun to explore all these new tropical delights that I can’t get at home. Sure, there are plenty of export stores here to load up on my favorite foods from home….but what’s the fun in that? Anyway, great photos!

    • My husband used to work at the local bakery and that’s the bread he would make! 🙂 It’s not a typical bread from Sardinia but all the ingredients are local that go into the making of the bread.

      • so are there surprises inside each of those puffs/pockets? my curiosity made me wish i could break open the bread and peek inside!


      • No, no surprises but it’s fun filling those pockets with local cheese!

  6. I belong to a group called “Food for Thought” which promotes eating local/organic, sharing food, and under the umbrella of the Townsville Permaculture Club – community gardens. I have a small organic vege garden at home which grows tomatoes exactly like the ones in your photos. I have just pulled them out as it is too hot here for them now. Just today I planted zucchini, beans, cucumber and basil. Nice to hear of the local produce in Sardinia.

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