Autummer Beach Days in Sardinia | My Mosaic Challenge

It’s that time of year again, that time when the temperature drops and the cool winds begin to blow. It’s also that time of year when the sun hasn’t finished with summer; where the heat of the afternoon makes it feel like July – in October, I like to call it Autummer!

Welcome to Autummer in Sardinia 2012

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***this post was a test to see if the new cool mosaic works for the Twenty-ten theme. I’ve clicked gallery under format, but I don’t see a cool mosaic. I have also done: settings>media>click this box for cool mosaic>save. All to no avail. Help.

Here’s a great WordPress support link for the new Gallery feature. Looks like I did it! What do you all think?

14 thoughts on “Autummer Beach Days in Sardinia | My Mosaic Challenge

  1. Lucky you and your Autummer!!!! In London we only have one season, it’s called Foreverautumn.. thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. Ciao !
    P.S. sorry don’t know anything about mosaic on blogs, I only make real mosaics with stones and tiles.

  2. It also looks as though Autummer is when you reclaim your beaches, jennifer?

    By the way, the cool new gallery thing – from your dashboard choose Settings > Media, and tick the cool new gallery down the bottom – then save.

    • You’re right! My fav time is May and October. It’s not too hot and we have the beach to ourselves!

      I’ve done this several times: settings>media>tick cool new gallery – then save. But nothing happens. I’ve clicked and unclicked that box too many times. Hrmph…

      • hrmmp indeed, Jennifer. It worked for me … the only thing I can think of is that it had trouble with your few shots being much the same shape – despite the last two being so slim. i went back to look at your blog, and you’re one of those people with restraint, so don’t seem to have posts with 6 plus photos in a gallery so I wasn’t able to see whether it had worked on other posts (it does it retrospectively). Can I suggest a little experiment of adding one portrait shaped shot to your gallery, and see what happens?

      • Thanks for the advice. I normally don’t take portrait shots, but Ill give it a go!

        Just added a portrait shot and no difference. Maybe it doesn’t work with the twenty-ten theme. Weird.

      • 2010 is a WP theme – should tae to it like a duck! Sorry that little trick didn’t work – you’ll have to tell them there’s a glitch πŸ™‚

      • Yes, I have, and I’m so envious. My hubby says our internet in South Africa is too slow to activate the programme. When we get to the US, and have 1st world internet, I’ll have another go at it. πŸ™‚

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