Travel Theme: Animals

This week on Where’s my backpack: Ailsa presents us with yet another fabulous theme: animals.

My favourite all-time animal: The Cat. Meow!

Dear readers: Can you come up with a good caption? Put your answer in the comment section below.

I love all animals with the exception of cows, bulls, wild horses and goats. Yes, I said goats. Anything with antlers gets my blood boiling, maybe it’s all those ‘extreme adventure’ shows I’ve seen where the protagonist gets hooked and gored by a few raging horns. Nope, not for me. I like to steer clear of those big beasts.

I do love horses if there is a large barrier between us.

One afternoon late last September we headed into the mountains to search for wild mushrooms. I was surprised when we turned a little corner and found all these guys, staring straight at me. My husband walked on with confidence but my legs turned to jello and I couldn’t move but for this quick snap.

Sardinia – where the sheep herd themselves.

What is your favourite animal?

Don’t forget to caption the first photo in the comment section below. Looking forward to a few good laughs.

33 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Animals

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  2. Loved your photos, but, as a photographer, I especially loved the cows shot b/c the composition is perfect and the backlighting is lovely (good lighting can really make a photo). Quite a shot for a quick snap, as you call it 🙂

  3. Love animals. Especially when I see them wild. Like when I go for walks in a local park near my house (Short Hills Provincial Park) and I see wild deer. Many people gather each evening, waiting to see the deer head for thier usual grazing pasture.
    I’ll take some pics sometime, Jenny. And send them to you.

    …Caption for the cat pic?
    “Wake up! You’re snoring! Go to the other sofa.”


      • Trust me it was a shock to me as well. I waited for the shepherd but he didn’t come. I saw him in town the following day and asked what’s up with your smart sheep and he told me that he opens the gate and they walk (with dogs) on their own for about 3miles to their afternoon feeding ground. Pretty awesome!

  4. I will skip the caption but that’s a lovely pose of the two cats. They looked like they didn’t want you there. LOL But I love the animal pictures.

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