Top 5 Favourite Expat Blogs of the Day

I’ve fallen in love with some new-to-me expat blogs and I can’t contain my excitement any longer. If there’s such a thing as a blog-stalker then I’m definitely one. I’ve been stalking reading these following 5 blogs for the last few days, over and over again. I come back to read hilarious expat tales or to witness stunning photography from across the globe.

In no particular order of importance … My Top 5 Favourite Expat Blogs of the Day. 

If you click the header you will be swiftly taken to an awesome expat blog.

Mango Mornings is written by Liana an American expat in the Philippines. She’s a gifted story-teller who takes us on a journey around Asia and re-counts her expat tales in the Philippines. Check out an Office Field Trip she took with a cup of Jollibee’s take-a-way breakfast.

2Summers is written by American writer Heather Mason who has lived out her expat fantasies in quirky Johannesburg, South Africa for the last two years. Because Girls Kick Ass I thought you might like to read this post by Heather: Lily and Zulu Girl Kick Ass. This is part three in a series about professional female boxing. Awesome, right? I know!

A City Broad Abroad is written by an American expat living in Malta. She describes herself as eclectic and her favourite childhood celebrity was Carl Ripken Jr. When she’s not saving her pennies to buy a condo in the sky, you can find her writing about her expat (mis)adventures on the tiny island of Malta.

Greek Wanderings is written by a self-proclaimed nomad, pilgrim, vagabond and wanderer. She is now teaching English in Oman and she bides her time between Virginia and Greece. Her photos of stunning Fira, Santorini brought back many warm, wonderful memories for me. I hold Santorini close to my heart and it saddened me when I accidentally deleted 95% of my Greek photos!

Un’Americana a Roma is written by yet another expat American who has lived in Rome, Italy since 2001. Her blog is a hilarious take on everyday Italian life. Learn How to Take a Taxi in Rome and Not Get Ripped Off and Italianate which loosely translates into something being an ‘americanism’ and other Italian ailments.

What are some of your favourite expat blogs?

16 thoughts on “Top 5 Favourite Expat Blogs of the Day

  1. I love living vicariously through all you wonderful expat people! I had only a brief sortie with expat life as a teen, and just as I was getting used to it, we moved back to the States.

  2. Thanks so much for these recommendations, Jennifer. My site began as an expat blog (we were living in Haiti) and will likely return to the expat experience once my partner Sara gets another international asignment. I’ve been reading Heather for at least a year and a half. I also love Emily’s blog “Hey from Japan,” about her family’s expat exploits in Tokyo.

    And Emily is HILARIOUS! If she weren’t writing an expat blog, Emily would be doing a humor blog–so check her out for a good laugh. Plus, I’ve had the opportunity to actually meet Emily. She’s become a good friend since then. Love her.


    • Ciao Kathyrn,

      Thanks for the great link! I’m heading over to find out more about Emily in Tokyo! I love expat blogs and will read yours when you begin your expat experience.

  3. Jennifer! Thank you so much for mentioning my Greek wanderings on your blog! You are too kind! I’m so glad it brings back happy memories for you. I’m so sorry you deleted 95% of your Greek pictures!! Oh no! How did that happen? I would be heartbroken to lose any of my travel pictures.

    Anyway, it is a great compliment that you mention me. I did want to say though that I really go between Oman and Virginia. Sadly Greece was just a two week vacation, although, believe me, I would love to stay there forever!! I wish!!

    • Thanks for the clarification. I read a bunch of your posts yesterday and assumed that you spent a lot of time also in Greece. Your stories and photos tell more of a story than just two weeks.

      I thought I had transferred my photos from Greece onto disk or usb, somehow only a few photos were saved, and without realizing it I deleted all pics from my PC’s hard-drive! Yikes! Live and learn.

      • Oh no, that must have been really upsetting!! I remember crying one time when I bought a bad camera card in Vietnam and all my pictures of the Angkor temples in Cambodia kept disappearing from the card!! Luckily a guy in a camera shop in Cambodia was able to retrieve some, but many were gone forever!

        Yes, I know it looks like I was in Greece a long time, but I’m just dividing the posts by places and time. So far, I’ve only written about my first week!! I took way too many pictures and of course am trying to include too many… 🙂

      • You’re doing a great job, keep it up!

        I’m pretty sure I cried too when I realized my Greece photos were gone, then I drank a few glasses of wine to wash away the tears. 🙂

  4. Hey, thanks so much for this plug! I look forward to checking out the other blogs (especially the blogger who loves Cal Ripken, as I am from Baltimore and grew up worshiping Cal), as well as your blog.

    • No problem. I really loved your post on women’s boxing. I used to box myself so it’s nice to read/see other women doing the same. However, I never went professional, I didn’t like getting hit, but I love throwing punches! 😉

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