My Sardinian Life Travels the World

It was an overcast afternoon when I decided to check my all-time views by country. Addicted to watching my stats climb … and fall but I rarely check out the country views.

Surprised to see that 17,764 Americans had checked into My Sardinian Life – what y’all searching for? One of the most searched for phrase on My Sardinian Life is ‘system error.’ Is it possible that 17,764 of you found this? Pretty awesome, eh? Thanks America, you rock!

Then the numbers drop by about 7000! In second place is my new home – Italy. And 10,665 Italians have found their way to My Sardinian Life. I’m pretty sure these ten thousand and so Italians are not searching for my most popular post: How to Make Tomato Sauce like an Italian. So what are you searching for? A quick getaway to Sardinia? Grazie mille, Italia. Siete bravi!

In third place is a country I’ve yet to visit – Spain. She’s so close but yet so far. Spain dropped into My Sardinian Life with 8,052 hits! Is it possible that 8,052 have searched for the Canadian Maple Leaf or How to Pickle Mushrooms? Muchas gracias España!

In fourth place is the United Kingdom with 6,846 hits from my heritage land! I’m pretty sure you lot have been searching for shirtless Italian soccer players, you’re very welcome. Thanks for the support England.

Rounding it out nicely in the number fifth spot is my home and native land – Canada with 4,962 hits. Thanks Mom but shouldn’t you be working instead of playing on my blog? I’m convinced that most of these Canadian hits are from friends and family who want to know more about my life in Sardinia. I’m not too sure what you Canadian’s were searching for but you found My Sardinian Life and for that I am grateful, eh.

What country visits your blog the most?

28 thoughts on “My Sardinian Life Travels the World

  1. I am always surprised when certain countries pop up on my list… like non English speaking counties. It makes me wonder how they found me…
    I think US and Canada top out my top 3 and the third spot has varied…
    China blocks blogs and you need a special do-hickey to get around it, so China will never show up on the list 😦

      • We do get CNN and BBC, but via another country. Certain things get blocked when they want it to (like certain web pages, email accounts for short periods of time). I have just learned to have patience. Blogs, Facebook and Youtube are big ones that are always blocked. It seems and sounds horrible at times, but we really don’t notice any differences than home… I mean really every country has some control over what we hear and do, but here they don’t hide the fact they do it!

  2. I love your blog when I get a chance to look at it! Blog stats are really interesting. My top three are the USA, Mongolia, Guatemala with my birthplace the UK coming in 4th!

  3. Ciao. Ti scrivo in italiano perché oggi sono troppo pigra e alla fine non ti scriverei più! Sono sarda e vivo in un paese del Campidano, vicino a Cagliari. Ti leggo da quando L’Unione Sarda ha pubblicato l’articolo che parlava di te. Trovo il tuo blog molto interessante e soprattutto positivo. Scrivi cose molto belle sulla Sardegna, sulla slow life sarda e sui Sardi. Scrivi anche sulle pecche che purtroppo ci sono, ma quasi mai scrivi di questo. Leggere il tuo blog e altri simili al tuo mi ha fatto venire la voglia di aprire un blog. Un blog scritto da una sarda che non vuol cadere nel solito vittimismo, ma che vuole sforzarsi di vedere il lato bello del vivere in Sardegna. Per il momento ci sono solo due post, ma conto di scriverne altri al più presto.
    Bye bye. See you soon.

    • Ti ringraziamo per il tuo commento gentile. E ‘un onore di scrivere la tua isola, la mia unica speranza è che io do la giustizia che si merita così bella Sardegna. Ho seguito il tuo blog e ho aggiunto il tuo blog al mio blogroll. Vi auguro una giornata favolosa.

  4. 🙂 Thank you for the post. I no longer feel guilty for checking my stats. My blog has been active around 2 weeks and and you are one of the first people to say hello, so thanks again.

  5. Stats!! we have something more than blogging in common… I’m also addicted to the stuff!!

    My to 3… Ireland, UK, US… then, so you know where Canada sits, its 5th after Germany… South Africa, my country of birth takes up the 6th spot!

  6. I’m from US and I originally came across your blog when I was searching for pictures of Italy on Google. 🙂

  7. I love to follow your blog because as a fellow Canadian I am living vicariously through your travel lifestyle. i love how you are always so positive, so interesting, so artistic through your photography and still celebrate your Canadian beginnings.

  8. I look for all of the beauty and interest of the land and the people of Sardegna. My top three are of course USA, Italy, and United Kingdom. It is all interesting Jennifer, your stories, comments, photos are great! Everyone is interested in someone’s life in another country. Have a great day!

    The Sard/American,

  9. This American really enjoys expat blogs. I find them fascinating perhaps because I aspire to be an expat some day. I’ve enjoyed perusing your blog!!

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