Unpolluted Blue Sardinia

What do you do to help keep our world blue?

**With the exception of the last photo and a slight crop, these photos are unedited.

8 thoughts on “Unpolluted Blue Sardinia

  1. What beautiful blue beach photos these are. I too am an islander who loves blue skies and blue unpolluted waters. Years ago my partner and I chose to live on such a Canadian island. We have never regretted that move though coastal winters are very rainy and green.

  2. Just spent 2 days at Cala Gonone,stupendous blues, Blue Marino (grotte), Cala Goloritze, ala Sisine, Cala Luna, Cala Mariolu, etc, AMAZING blues, have to dump some photos (took over 500) but suffice to say, I agree with your view on our island!

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