Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

This weeks photo challenge was rather, well, a challenge. I scoured my archives for photos of things ‘inside,’ but to no avail.

Then the light when on inside the bat house.

Welcome Inside the Home of My Sardinian Life

Just checking out the scene.

Inside my fridge. See Mom, I really do eat!

A look inside my junk/bikini drawer, eh!

Traditional Sardinian curtains hanging inside the home.

A look inside the most difficult Italian verb I need to wrap my head around.

Inside the mountain of CD’s there sits a lonely black sheep.

A look inside some of the magical things that keep me sane.

Inside this recipe book are centuries worth of yumminess.

Inside my dwindling book collection, I’m now a Kindle reader.

A peek inside my passport.

A look inside at my wall map. Yes, I am from North America. No, I am not American, I was born in Canada thus making me Canadian. It’s NOT the same thing and it annoys me you think so.

Inside my kitchen preparing lunch. See, no fear.

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48 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

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  2. Cool views of inside…
    I too get miffed with the American thing. In China they don’t refer to the U.S. as United Staes, but America, so I get the American thing a lot (hense the flag hanging on my room). When in Cuba some Bristish folk asked us what is the difference between us and US and it was hard to explain… we just are! I think some of it is we just want our own identity and to be appreciated.
    I love the passport idea… mine is getting full and was of great interest to see all the stamps and visas. My husband is now envious since he just had his renewed and it is blank πŸ˜‰ well except for the one stamp back to China.

  3. Nice pics! The Canadian pride is alive and well, eh?! The Canadian bikini shot made me laugh!

  4. Awesome entry! That is so strange that people would think Canada and the US are the same, ey?! Not that we are so bad!:) love your interpretation of inside! Perhaps one of the best ones yet!

    • Thanks Nicole! I have nothing against America nor Americans. What I hate is when people assume that they are the same country. I had one woman here tell me they are the same country, I told her no they are not, that they are divided by a HUGE international boarder which is more strict that any boarder within Europe. Then she said to me “But your from North America right?” I told her yes. She then said “See, you’re American.” I really wanted to shove my fist in her face to try to make her understand but I realized that she is bloody clueless and just walked away.

      It happens a lot here. I think in the schools they teach that it’s called North America and people think for the rest of their lives that North America is a country.

      I wanted to say to her “Where are you from?” which she would reply “Italy.” I then wished to say “Oh you’re German, or you’re European.” Such broad statements!

  5. Looks like a fabulous life you have there! The Italian board reminded me of my language class. I couldn’t wrap my head around any of it. LOL. I’m a little jealous of your bikini drawer. Makes me wish I was Canadian. πŸ™‚ Beautiful view. Beautiful photos!

    • It is a wonderful like here, but it;s also been a lot of hard work. Glad you like the bikini drawer – that’s what happens when you have an Aunt who sells bikini’s online!

  6. nice photos. i rather liked the inside of your dwindling book collection… we cannot totally do away with books can we? at least I cherish mine even if I read online most of the time these days πŸ™‚

    • Ciao Amira,

      No, I agree, we cannot do away with ‘real’ books. I live in a part of Italy where finding English books is rather difficult and the ones I do find … oh boy, not my genre. I also like giving my read books away to visiting friends and family or to the local library.

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  8. Ciao Richard,

    I actually spent two years working in the Caymans, it’s a tax free country and I made great money. I’ve also put my resume in to work down there this winter season. It’s a nice place, have you been? They discourage however searching for employment while you are vacationing on the island. All inquires must be made by email or fax for employment.

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  11. This is such a nice home and with such view! Your fridge is very well-organized. (Do you survive on just those items? πŸ™‚ And those Canadian bikinis!

  12. Recently started following your blog. Great pics oh Canadian one! Is it OK to have fridge envy and is that REALLY your view?!! I’m in the south, in what a friend calls Cagney and Lacey land because Cagliari is one big swill round the mouth.

    • Ciao Louise,

      Thanks for following my blog. Fridge envy …? My fridge is half full with mostly cooking wine, brioss and rotting cheese! And yes … that really is our view and balcony.

      Are you originally from Sardinia? Your English is fabulous!

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