Surfing Sardegna | Frozen Open Surf Contest

How do you spell relief? I spell it: M-I-S-T-R-A-L, or in Italian Maestrale. The mistral is a strong, cold wind originating in France and blowing all its strength eastwards to Sardegna. And what a relief it was a day ago when this beauty roared it’s force to the north of the island.

The mistral brings with it clear and refreshing weather and can reach speeds of more than 90km an hour. Not only does it bring relief to those melting from the hot August heat wave, it also brings surfers.

The Frozen Open Surf Contest is sponsored by Monster Energy.

Frozen Open Surf Contest Fueled by Monster Energy

Cleaner, crisper air. Huge waves crashing on Marinedda Bay made this Frozen Open Contest one to enjoy and one to relax in the cooling August air.

Surfing Sardegna's North Shore

Perfect cool days beach side, hot surfers surfing Sardegna’s North Shore, shiny happy people eating ice cream and drinking beer make for one perfect Sunday.

Marinedda Bay

Let’s just hope this mistral lasts another few days, then winter hits us like a ton of bricks. I’ve had enough of the hot African August and am ready for jeans.

Marinedda Bay

About Jennifer Avventura

Canadian Freelance writer living in Sardinia, Italy. A serial expat who has lived in Australia, England and Cayman Islands. She eats Nutella with a spoon and hides under the bed during lightning storms. When she's not out running 6k you will find her sitting at the computer - writing her novel and searching for worldwide waitress work.
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9 Responses to Surfing Sardegna | Frozen Open Surf Contest

  1. The Hook says:

    I love your little glimpses of paradise! Well done.

  2. darkjade68 says:

    Wow that looks awesome, thanks for the post.

  3. Jo Bryant says:

    Love it – winter bad.

  4. thirdeyemom says:

    What a beautiful place you live in. How long have you lived there? Do you have any earlier posts I can read about how you go there? I love your blog!

  5. bagnidilucca says:

    That surf looks pretty good. I can’t wait to get to Sardegna.

  6. Big Sister Beautiful says:

    We forgot to go to Marinedda Bay! Guess we’ll just have to come back.

  7. Team Oyeniyi says:

    The concept of frozen surf had me really intrigued!

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