Wordless Wednesday: Blogging About the August Heatwave

By hot I mean, boiling. Freaking hot batman. So hot it’s beyond hot. Today’s high was 45 celsius. My Canadian body is burning up and I haven’t even lifted a finger. The last two nights I camped beside our sliding glass doors in hopes for a breeze, but none came. Not even a whisper of wind, just the sweat trickling down my face, I said it was HOT. My hands and feet are swollen and sweaty, lunch is a litre or two of cold water down the hatch or poured directly over my head.

Traditional Sardinian Stone Pizza Oven

I’m beached out, sun-ed out and burnt out. And the icing on the cake? I work in a billion degree bakery, baking bloody hot bread, daily. My wish now, and my only wish for this next coming week is snow. I hate snow, yes, I AM CANADIAN and I detest snow in all its snowy glory. But today snow is the only thing I want, and mountains of it. I want to make snow angels and roll down the mountain naked, yes naked, no sled required. Knowing that snow won’t dump its blinding whiteness on this island for some time, I’ve invented a method of keeping my cool. In my freezer is a damp cloth, when I’ve had enough of this bloody heat I wrap my size elevens around this cooling piece of heaven.

Fire in the Sky

Is there fire in your sky? How do you keep cool in the blinding heat of August? Do you like to comment in this heat? Go on, leave me a comment, it may just cool me down. At least it would put a smile on this Canadians melting face.

314 words is a lot of words for Wordless Wednesday. Like I said, it’s HOT and it’s making me crazy.

17 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Blogging About the August Heatwave

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  2. I agree 45 is HOT HOT HOT. I’ll tell you something funny – having arrived from HOT Nigeria at the start of our winter and sort of acclimatised to the COLD, the other day we got a bit of warmth (warmest August in 150 years, the paper said today) the kids were complaining about the heat – at a mere 21 degrees!!!

    What on earth are they going to do at 45????

  3. Read it was really hot in Sardegna, but 40 is ridiculous. We hit 38 and thought we were melting. My recipe to cool down is hair-conditioning: get under the shower and get hair all wet – it will help keep you cool as it dries. Doesn’t work for bald guys.

  4. Soooooo, how do you really feel about the heat? it is hard to tell when you only said 314 words about it!

  5. I absolutely hate to be hot, which is why I leave the heat of Brisbane summer in January to head for lovely winter in Bagni di Lucca. I return in May for a perfect winter of 20 degree days. I feel for you!!!

  6. It can’t be that warm 🙂 as Jo said , tea or coffe will cool you down i would drink it abroad.

    To make you feel better, we are getting rain over here keeping us cool, but then we always get bloody rain and hardly see the sun 🙂

  7. That heat is so unbearable. We have had a few crazy days this summer with 100 F plus heat index making it feel like 120…in Minnesota!!!! I stayed inside with the AC and drank tons of water. The only other thing is to go take a swim. I actually love the snow. Winter is so long but I’ve learned to deal with it and enjoy the seasons. I wonder how my neighbors who are vacationing on your lovely Italian island are doing!!! Stay cool!

  8. Great article, it warmed me as I sit here with a sweater on. I can feel your discomfort. Good thing you have beaches close by.

  9. Ohhh I love that picture of the sky!!!!

    For me? When it is hot hot hot like what you are saying, is to have an icy cold shower, then dry off for a while. Keep a hand fan in my purse and use it frequently. Wear loose cotton clothing, bigger is always better.

    Never fear… here in the Nation’s Capital you can actually feel Autumn in the air….

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