Sunsets and Steaks | Photo Post

Stunning setting Sardinian sun.

Setting Sun on Sardegna

With stunning t-bone steaks to follow. Love me a good piece of Sardinian meat.

Sardinian T-Bones

7 thoughts on “Sunsets and Steaks | Photo Post

  1. Thank you for your advice and pointing out my error in calling this beautiful slab of meat a t-bone. I should have known better, having worked in a high-end steak house for 4 years. But I let the excitement of this meat get the best of me when writing this post. I didn’t order these from the macelleria, friends did, so I didn’t really pay attention to what I was eating, was too excited to have a piece of meat like this between my teeth.

  2. I love steak too, but if you asked the butcher for T-bone…you missed out. The T-bone has on one side the “strip” also known as New York strip….very flavorful, and on the other side of the bone is the “filet” (filet mignon) a very tender portion of steak. Your picture shows all the steaks with the strip side only….no filets. The “T” has been cut….so you received bone-in strip….a fine and flavorful steak. (Next time ask for the whole T-bone with filet and you will see the difference.)

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