Sardegna’s Secret Beach

Tinnari is another beautiful-secret beach in Sardegna. Access is only by foot or boat. The 300 meter walk down is not for the faint of heart. The path is small, torn up and many granite boulders make this walk one to remember.

Two beautiful half-moon inlets, blue calm waters and hot rock massages make Tinnari one special place to put on your to-see list.


10 thoughts on “Sardegna’s Secret Beach

  1. A beautiful, nearly uninhabited beach. Thanks for taking us to such a lovely spot, Jen!

    • Oh, I do. La Maddelena is a stunning place. Dotted with small inlets and islands. You are going to have a great time there. It’s a really relaxed atmosphere as one can get staying on an island, off an island.

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