Blogging Summer Holidays @ Jennifer Avventura

Greetings fans, subscribers and the odd click that brought you to my corner of the web. I’ve blogged for almost ten months straight and have posted a staggering 75 posts.
I’ve been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award and was nominated for My Seven Links Award.

My daily averages are slim to none, clicking in with a maximum of 50 blog views a day. Sometimes less, hardly anymore. This past Sunday I thanked my Mom for being click-happy with my blog. She’s proud you know, what else can I expect?

I’ve liked, pressed, stumbled, +1, and clicked my way though nine months of super-duper heavy internet usage. My eye balls have come forth from their sockets and are in dire need of a good long holiday. I need to re-coup my thoughts and settle my brain.

It is with sadness and happiness that I report – I’m taking a sabbatical. Yup, that’s right. For the entire month of August I will be going blog free. No comments, no posts, no presses, no forum replies, nadda, nilch, nothing.

August is a very busy time in Sardegna. We have visitors coming from Canada, Cayman Islands, Germany and mainland Italy. There is not a day free in August that we can call our own. From today forward we are tourist guides and I will be reporting back at the beginning of September to spill all the juicy details, with photos of course about my summer holidays, right here in Sardegna.

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15 thoughts on “Blogging Summer Holidays @ Jennifer Avventura

  1. When I started my blog I got almost no hits. It took ages to build up. I now get between 300 and 400 a day. The one on my ex husband was very popular – I got more than 600 hits that day. I know this is not really a lot, but I am happy that it keeps growing.

    • Ciao and thank you for the comment. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so I know that I can’t get followers in just a few months of blogging. I love writing and that is what keep me coming back here.

  2. Good morning from Connecticut!!!! I have thought about going without blogging for some of the time I’ve been home here in Canada especially now with no home in Canada and being on the road.

    I just decided to make my posts shorter and chug along.

    Well that is me. I will seriously miss reading about your life’s adventure and seeing pictures. When you return I shall be back home in China!!! Good luck this August, when I see a Horny Tim’s while I am here in the States I shall always make sure I grab a Timbit and praise all the expats around the world. It is the least I can do!!!

    You take care, have lots and lots of fun!!!!

    • Good Morning Woman in Connecticut!
      I thought long and hard about taking this break from blogging. I want to, I don’t want to. I really enjoying blogging, writing, picture posting, commenting and virtually meeting other expats around the world. However, August is a crazy crazy time in Sardegna. It’s when we are packed to the hilt with tourists and my job is super busy. Plus that we have six different guests coming to stay with us this month and I don’t picture myself saying … ah … just a moment I must blog! (Although, I know that’s what I’ll be thinking.) Let’s see how long I can last, shall we? The day starts tomorrow when my sister arrives.
      Thanks for the Horny Tim’s…yumyum.

  3. Have a wonder bloggin’ break Jennifer – you’ve done an amazing amount in a few months. My experience has been that not much happened the first year or so, and then slowly, slowly more people started coming by – but not a lot by any stretch, maybe 150 on a good day. August sounds crazy for you – I hope it will be as much fun for you as for your guests! I’m looking forward to reading about it when you return!

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