Perfectly Sunday

Perfectly Sunday

I love Sunday and Stella. This photo was taken on a jaunt to Vancouver in 2007 to see an old friend from Cayman. We’d drunk too much wine at a sexy little olive bar type place one night. Saw this wicked ad for one of my favorite beers and we snapped away. I hope you enjoy a refreshing Sunday. Salute. Cheers.

8 thoughts on “Perfectly Sunday

  1. haha..I had a feeling this was going to be your Stella 🙂
    I’m more of a cider man so imagine how happy I was to taste Stella Cidre… I’ve always wondered what it would be like with twins…now I know lol 🙂

  2. I love my sunday beer too! Stella is prohibitively expensive and yet to arrive in Indian cafes! Thanks for dropping by, you are a pet!

  3. Stella adverts are always stylish. I’ve never had the beer myself (I’m more of a red wine, or straight vodka kind of Pie), but I’ve heard it’s good.

  4. Mmmm….. Stella… on tap. Last time I had- correct that… tried to get my hands on a pint of Stella was last summer in Canada.

    I couldn’t help but want that chilled pint filled with that glorious amber liquid…

    They were out.


    Ahhhh… I cannot wait till my feet touch Canadian soil once again and suck back a cold one! Or two!

  5. Cheers to you Jennifer! I know just how you feel. Sitting here in the garden in England with glorious sunshine and some cold beer.

    Hope sun shining for you in Sardinia!

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