Looking at the little things in life

Sometimes in life the big things take over, they are uncontrollable and we lose focus. I prefer to look at the little things that make this world spin, that make me spin. The little things that get inside my head and complete me.ย Jennifer Avventura My Sardinian Life (31)The little things that seem so insignificant to the bigger picture that I’ve forgotten how I got here. It was the little things that built my grand picture, the little things that held me up, the little things that make me believe, make me hold on to the dream that I will see you again.

Have you looked at the little things in your life lately?

9 thoughts on “Looking at the little things in life

  1. Jennifer

    So happy that you are back blogging, miss all of your great stories and articles of Sardegna. Miss it all! Hope all is going well in Canada! May God Bless!

    Love & Hugs,
    Rosemarie The Sard/American

    • Thank you Nicole. It’s certainly been a long time. How are you? Your adventures look amazing! I’m still in Canada, not sure when I’ll make it back. Thanks for checking in.

      • Ohhh, thank you! Im trying to blog more, but work gets in the way and by the end of the night I’m too tired to write. More will come … thanks for sticking along with me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hi Jennifer, as you perhaps remember I’m italian and I recently(2 years ago) moved to Sardinia, where I’m trying to work selling sardinian food and wine product(www.themediterraneantastes.com), but most of all to promote this island and its beauties…
    It is really difficult…I have a lot of problem(visibility, money, people, and more…) but the amazing thing is that living here I’m able, with my children and wife, to breathe the sea scent, feel the sun on my skin walking on a beatiful beach, the wind that here is often strong…In short, I am able to feel alive, in touch with the world around me, part of something … perhaps this is the magic of Sardinia!

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