New life, New blog

I’ve had a few long time followers of My Sardinian Life email me asking how I’m doing in the great white north, and if I’m blogging about it. The good news is that YES, I am blogging about Victoria, Canada and you can check it out here:

Victoriaology – by Jennifer Avventura
The sights, sounds and adventures of my new life in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Jennifer Avventura

 My latest post on this beautiful city is about stealing sunshine and how Victoria and Sardinia are very similar. I hope you have the time to stop by and check it out – even give Victoriaology a follow.

A big shout out to those that have emailed me about my new life here in Victoria, I am eternally grateful and wish you well.

13 thoughts on “New life, New blog

  1. I’m very excited to check it out – I enjoy writing about home towns by someone who has gone through a major international experience.

  2. Welcome to the west coast, Jennifer! I did make it to Sardinia last September and fell in love with it, also found lots of basketmakers! I am in Seattle if you ever want to have coffee! ( After your kind offer for coffee near Castelsardo) and thanks for all your Sardinian advice!

    • Hi Polly! How did your Sardinian adventure go? I hope you had a great time. You’re very close to me and I may just take you up on that coffee one day. Wishing you well.

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