A heavy price tag for Sardinian Gold – San Giuliano Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I found an out-of-the-way Italian food import store the other day, and decided to check it out as I was craving flavours from the Med. The prices are very similar to the prices in Sardinia, Italy and I’m aware that on most products we are also paying an import fee.

Colour me surprised when I found my all-time favourite Sardinian extra virgin olive oil.

San Giuliano Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Alghero, Sardinia, Italy

I’m biased; I just can’t get enough of San Giuliano’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and when the time is right, I will pay those hefty import fees for something I so admire. It makes my mouth water and heart sing. It’s the perfect complement to any dish and heck yeah, it’s made in Sardinia.

Have you tried this delicious olive oil?

9 thoughts on “A heavy price tag for Sardinian Gold – San Giuliano Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  1. Wow, this is not cheap. I only use the olive oil to make my own ‘Italian dressing’ in Russia, So I think it would be worth the splurge.

  2. Ciao Jennifer
    Yes we have been able to have this brand and it is wonderful. We have also found pasta from a company in Alghero called Manca, which is my maiden name. Everytime we run across a product from Sardegna we purchase it and so far all has been wonderful. My cousins still send us Pana Carasau and that is also among my favorites! I hope all id going well and you and your husband are adjusting to life in Canada once more. Lots to see in a very beautiful country as you well know! Enjoy your day and May God Bless!

    Rosemarie The Sard/American

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